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August 6, 2017

Updated Tattoos!

Last summer I posted I'll Show You My Tattoos and a few tats have been added since then so I figured I'd update you! 

As you may remember Chris had Jacob and Emma's names, last fall he added something for me, then got Nicholas, Jonathan and Aubrey's names as well.

I'm a Pisces so he got two fish and my full name Kaitlin Nora. 

He added my kids names to his arms. The girls are on one arm, boys on the other. How amazing is he?! Couldn't ask for a better bonus Daddy for my kiddos! 

Then yesterday we both got new tattoos! 

Chris got the baby's name and foot prints. 

And I got 3 more hearts added to my wrist. So now I have one heart for each of my babies! 

Next time I'm getting them all colored in (the kids "color") and the whole tattoo cleaned up a bit. Can't wait! 

Thanks for stopping by! Do you have/want any tattoos? Leave me a comment down below! 

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