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April 16, 2017

What's In Our Kids Easter Baskets

Since my kids read my blogs, this won't be up until AFTER Easter.. But it will give you some ideas for next year. Pin the post and come back and check it out! 

Our kids are 11, 9, 7, 5, 3 and almost 1. We always try to make everything as equal for them as possible as far as cost, amount and type of gifts go.. this way there's no jealousy or hurt feelings. It can be tough to find things that fit all of their age groups, so you'll see a little variety, for example the younger ones got tattoos, but my oldest got a cell phone holder. All of the kids got cups, the big kids got side walk chalk because they'll all use it, but the baby's got binkys instead. I also added in some bubbles, stamps, little notebooks and crazy straws. Along with a little chocolate bunny. 


I only spent about $150 total, $25ish per child. I mean it's not Christmas! 
We also do an egg hunt. Each child gets a dozen eggs (we do a different pattern/ color for each of them so they can all find an equal amount) which we fill with candy, money or little trinkets (bouncy balls, silly putty, etc). We're not huge candy people, so we try to limit it to just a few things. 

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