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April 18, 2017

I'll Show You What Makes Me Happy


When we were coming up for this years topics, we had a hard time deciding the title of this one... Hobbies, What I Do For Me, etc. What Makes Me Happy was the winner (we voted) I think because with the title you can take this post in a few different directions.

I don't really have a Hobby per say, someone said cleaning is my Hobby.. but that just makes me seem like I have no life! Do I enjoy cleaning? Eh I guess so. It's more that I enjoying having a clean house. Knitting is a hobby, dancing is a hobby. Cleaning is not a hobby. But having a clean house does makes me happy.. See how there's so many ways to take it? Anyway! 

A lot of things make me happy. I try to be appreciative of everything that I have. Obviously my family, my husband and my children, make me happy. I am happy to have a beautiful home. I am happy to have wonder friends. But those really fit in more with my Blessings... Things I'm Thankful For post, which we did for November/ Thanksgivings I'll Show You My. 

This month is about ME as an individual. Not Chris' wife or Jacob, Nicholas, Emma, Jonathan, Aubrey and Christopher's mom. What I enjoy, what I like to do, what I do for MYSELF. Honestly, I don't take much time for me.. life is pretty chaotic with a family this big and I'm so busy taking care of everyone else there isn't much time left for me. But I'm also "easy to please" as my Husband says. I'm not super materialistic and I really enjoy the simple things in life. When I say I need a "break" or some "me time" I'm not asking for much. Just a little time to regroup and refocus.

So, let me show you What Makes Me Happy

1. A long, hot, uninterrupted shower. 
2. A glass (or 3) of my favorite wine, while cuddled up on the couch with my Hubby under a cozy blanket. 
3. Sleep. When Chris lets me head to bed early or sleep in and takes care of the kids, it's incredible! 
4. A clean house. 
5. Take out nights. As much as I love cooking for my family, not having to cook or clean up a ton of dishes is wonderful! 
6. Reading. I love to read. And I wish I had more time to do so. 
7. Being outside. I love the nice weather and spending time out on the porch with my Husband and/ or friends while the kiddos play in the yard. 
8. Doing my makeup. I have gotten really into makeup this past year and when I have the time I like to sit and play with new products and get myself dolled up. 
9. Good food! I'm a huge foodie and I'm not picky at all. I love to eat! 
10. LuLaRoe. If you didn't already know, I recently became a consultant. The cutest, most comfortable clothes in such cool patterns! Join my group and check them out! If you aren't a LuLaLover already, trust me you will be! 


If you'd like to participate in today's topic, just join the link up below! And if you're interested in joining in the future, here's a list of the topics for the rest of the year! 



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