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March 28, 2017

Play Date Must Haves

This post was originally written for Vintage Honey Shop Blog. 


When you're a stay at home Mom of toddlers, play dates are crucial! Your kiddos get the socialization they need and you get the adult interaction you crave! If you're anything like me then play dates are really the only time spent with other adults.. aside from your spouse and your UPS driver (when he delivers the 5th Amazon Prime package this week). 

  1. Snacks- Goldfish, yogurt/ applesauce pouches, juice boxes, granola bars. Kids are happier when their little bellies are full! And for some reason when they're with other kids, they're extra hungry! 
  2. Bubbles- But only if they can blow them themselves.. otherwise you'll be blowing bubbles for two hours rather than enjoying the company of your friend. 
  3. Crayons and coloring books- Kids love to color! And they'll do it forever as long as they have blank pages. Make sure you're keeping an eye on them though, that is if you don't want their artwork on the walls! 
  4. Play Doh- Though I highly recommend only doing this if the weather is nice enough to be outside! Because then once everyone leaves, you'll be picking play doh out of everything for days! 
  5. And most importantly, wine. Or coffee. Or both! While the kiddos eat and play, Momma's deserve to enjoy a little adult beverage while they gossip! 

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