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February 20, 2017

Painting The Dishwasher DIY Project

Yes, you read that right.. We PAINTED our dishwasher! 

We've started making the change from white to black appliances.. Before you ask, why not stainless steel? I've had them before and yes they're gorgeous! But we have 6 kids and I can't deal with the finger prints. So black it is! 

So far we replaced the refrigerator and microwave. The new oven is coming next week! The only appliance left white was the dishwasher.. 

Chris bought me this portable dishwasher last year (there isn't room in the kitchen for a built in) and it was white to match the previous appliances. I didn't want to replace a brand new perfectly good appliance, especially since they're so expensive, so why not try and paint it?! 


We purchased Rustoleum high heat spray paint in black, it's meant for grills and wood stoves. They also have an appliance apoxy but Chris insisted this would cover better. He was absolutely right! 

After 2-3 coats we had a matte black finish. 

Now we applied a clear coat, again Rustoleum high heat. This took another 2 coats to get it even and shiny. 

Once it dried completely we brought it back inside. 


Looks like a brand new appliance! For less than $25! 


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