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February 15, 2017

I'll Show You My Love Language

In honor of Valentines Day this month we are sharing our Love Languages with you! 


Chris and I pride ourselves on the fact that we have a really happy and healthy relationship. We don't fight often and when we do it's usually over fairly quickly.  We've also both been in really dysfunctional relationships, so we know how important it is to be on the same page as your partner. We have a lot of the same standpoints on things such as how to parent, what constitutes a clean house, we're both good with money and neither of us are materialistic or need expensive gifts (that being said we both have good taste but know how to save up and wait for what we want). This doesn't mean we're perfect, nor does it mean we don't disagree on things.. But for the most part, we just work. I think that has a lot to do with us having the same Love Language. I've done some research on the topic.. partially for this blog and partially because I find it extremely interesting. And I really believe people with opposite Love Languages will not have as successful of a relationship.

Both Chris and my primary Love Language is Physical Touch. We are an extremely affectionate couple. We're always hugging, kissing and cuddling. We sit curled up together on the couch, holding hands with our legs intertwined to watch a movie. We're also both extremely affectionate with our children. We co-sleep with the baby, baby wear and he's exclusively breastfed (which I did with all of my biological children) and the older kids are always welcome to hug, kiss and snuggle with us. I firmly believe the more attention and affection you show your children, the more independent they will be later because they never craved it. 

My secondary Love Language is Quality Time. Just like Phsyical Touch, I like being around my Husband. Spending time with him. With 6 children it doesn't happen often that I get his undivided attention. But as I mentioned in my Date Night blog it's so important for our relationship to get that one on one time. Because it's something I/ we really need to keep us in a good place. 

Chris' secondary Love Language is Acts Of Service. I do the majority of the housework. Cooking, cleaning and taking care of the kids. I also pay the bills and manage our money. Chris is so appreciative of all of this. He really notices what I do and makes sure to thank me for it all on a regular basis. It's really wonderful to have someone who acknowledges how much I love him and our family and how hard I work for them. 

Sometimes I forget that actions speak louder than words for him, that he's showing me how much he loves me and our family by doing things like dishes or laundry for us. But I'm working on reminding myself and accepting that quality time in his head is spending time doing something FOR me not only WITH me. Just like anything, relationships take work to be successful and it's all about give and take. 

What is your Love Language? Is it the same as your partners? Do you believe that they have a major impact in the success of your relationship? Let me know in the comments below! 


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  1. It's great that you both match up for your top pick!

  2. Aw so cute... we use to snuggle on the couch too but the kids don't let that happen much anymore.