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February 26, 2017

Function Of Beauty Review

Personalized Shampoo And Conditioner!

This post is not in any way sponsored. I spent my own hard earned money buying these products. 

I went on Function Of Beauty's site and chose the type of hair I have an the problems I've been experiencing.. My hair had been very dry and is breaking and thinning pretty badly since having Christopher. 



You can also pick color and scent. And they print your name on the bottle! 


I ordered an 8oz shampoo and an 8oz conditioner for $36. Which is more than I typically pay for shampoo and conditioner, so I was a little nervous about it..


It took over a week to arrive, which was a little frustrating. I'm so used to Amazon Prime and their two day shipping, anything more than that just seems like forever! Plus, they gave me an estimated date of 2/19 and it didn't arrive until 2/24. 


But when it FINALLY did arrive I was pleased! The packaging is adorable! It comes with 2 pumps which is great because it is so much easier to use products with pumps! I love the color! And they smell so good too. 

Now for my review.. I LOVE the products! The work amazing. My hair feels fabulous and even after just a few uses my hair isn't falling out as badly as it has been! I will absolutely be ordering them again, even with the price being higher than what I usually spend, it's totally worth it! 

If you'd like to try it out for yourself. Use this referral link, it will get you $5 off your order!

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