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February 9, 2017

Cleaning Routine

I've been thinking about this post for months.. I've had so many people ask me for a cleaning routine and I knew I wanted to do one, but I wasn't sure where to start or how I wanted to do it. I decided to go with a full explanation and play by play of a typical day. Then make a list at the end that you can print out and follow along with. 

Recently I have been talking to a few friends about how they clean and most if not all of them do what I refer to as ADD cleaning. They start in one room, go to another room to put something away, start cleaning something else and before you know it the day is over and you've not actually completed anything! I find it's so important to stay in a room until it's done. Then you close the door and move to the next! 

Every day I get the kids up, fed, ready for the day and then the big kids head off to school. I put on a movie for the littles and get the baby down for his morning nap and I do my Daily Cleaning

I start in my master bathroom. Close the shower curtain, throw the towels out onto the bedroom floor (These will get put in the hamper AFTER I leave the room, I can't stress enough how important it is to complete a room one by one!). I wipe down the counter, shake out the bath mats and sweep the floor. Once a week I do a full scrub down (toilet, shower floor, etc). When the bathroom is done, I turn on my scentsy and close the door. 

Next is the master bedroom. I turn off the tv, open the curtains, make our bed, throw any dirty laundry onto the pile of towels. Any cups or water bottles that have accumulated our our night stands go right near the door. And once or twice a week I dust as well. Then I pick up what needs to leave the room, laundry and dishes, turn on the scentsy warmer and close the door behind me as I leave. 

The girls room and the office are next. Same steps. Make beds, get rid of any laundry or cups, open the curtains, shut off the tv, etc. All of the "crap" (excuse my language) is now in the hallway. 

The main bathroom gets a lot more use than our master bath. So I do a complete scrub down twice a week, or more. Pretty much every third day. Same as the master, daily I take out the towels, empty the garbage, shake out the bath mats and sweep one day, the next day I scrub the tub, toilet, sink and floor. Again turning on the scentsy and closing the door as I complete each space. 

Now I empty the hallway.. laundry in the hamper, garbage in the kitchen garbage, dishes in the sink. 

Then I get to work in the kitchen. I unload the dishwasher, reload it. Wipe down all the surfaces (the kids tend to make a mess at breakfast). I sweep and mop the kitchen floor every day. Feed the dog, then let him outside and usually I'll sit down now and play with the kids for a bit. 

Living room is probably the easiest room to clean.. Fix the couch cushions, wipe down the surfaces and open the blinds. 

After the living room is done I head up to the nook and homeschool area. Fluff pillows, tidy up, dust, plug in all the kids electronics. 

Then it's time to do the boys rooms. Just like the 3 other bedrooms.. I make beds, toss any dirty laundry down the stairs and get rid of any garbage or dishes from the night before. Then I put it all where it belongs. 

I check the playroom each night before the kids go to bed, and since during the week they're not down there until the big kids get home from school, I don't need to do a tidy in the morning.

Now I vacuum. The entire house. Every Single Day. 

On top of my Daily Clean there are things I do on certain days that's part of my Weekly Clean.. for example; washing sheets or cleaning out the fridge. 

This is the schedule I follow in a list form. Feel free to steal it if you like! I'm working on an actual checklist printable, so keep an eye out for that! 

Cleaning Routine 

Daily Clean

-Make Beds 

-Tidy Rooms 


-One Load Laundry (wash, dry, fold, put away)

-Dishes (unload and load dishwasher) 



-Wash Sheets 


-Organize Dressers And Closets 

-Vacuum/ Mop 



-Shower/ Tub


-Vanity (mirror, sink, cabinets) 

-Mop Floor 

-Wash Bathmats 



-Wipe Down Cabinets And Appliances

-Scrub Counters And Backsplash

-Clean Out Refrigerator (groceries come today) 


-Deep Clean Table And Chairs 

-Wash Windows 



Living Room And Nook 


-Vacuum In And Under Couches 


-Shampoo Carpet (if needed)




-Vacuum In And Under Couches 


-Shampoo Carpet (if needed)

-Disinfect And Organize Toys 


Big House Projects

-Clean Garage


-Yard Work 

-DIY Project



Family Day 

-Nothing Aside From Daily Cleaning 

I hope you enjoyed this post! I know different things work for different people, this is just what works for me! But I really hope it helps those of you who are struggling to get your home in order. 


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