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December 6, 2016

Adventures Of Peter The Elf

Elf On A Shelf! You either love him or hate him.. for some of us it's both haha. Remembering to move that silly little elf each night can be a pain! For me, I loved the concept but didn't love the look or the price of the "Elf On A Shelf" so I went with this one.. He joined our family about 4 years ago, Nicholas named him Peter. And from the day after Thanksgiving until Christmas Eve he's in our home.. Watching over the kids to report back to Santa, doing silly things and sometimes even bringing gifts!

Our Elf is always looking for new ideas.. I'm sure yours are too. So I figured I'd share with you a few of the things Peter has been up to so far this season!  




You can also follow me on Instagram @MrsWatkins214 and check out #adventuresofpetertheelf to see more of this year and years past!


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