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December 2, 2016

2017 Planner

To keep up with our busy lives and to not forget anything, a planner is important! Since I just got my 2017 planner, pens and stickers I figured I'd share with you all how I plan, schedule and stay on top of everything. 

1. I have an app on my phone called Cozi. I paid $19.99 for the year. Since I always have my phone on me, this is where I start and where everything goes. Once a week I go through and transfer it all to my paper planner. 


2. I have a white board calendar on the side of my fridge. Every month I sit down and write out the months schedule so I can glance at it for a quick reference (if I'm on the phone for example) and the kids can see what's going on. I have a different colored dry erase marker for each kid (they all know their color) so they know when they have plans. 


3. Finally, my planner! The last few years I have purchased the Bloom Planner and I would highly recommend them! They are absolutely perfect for my needs! It has daily/ weekly sections and the monthly calendars. The calendar I use to just put it on there.. Blog Collab, Doctor Appointment Pay Day, Birthday Party, etc. So just like the white board, at a quick glance I know if we have something that day not. Then I use the daily/ weekly portions to be more detailed. For example if there's an appointment I need to bring something to, the address of a birthday party, etc. I'll also use it to jot down any notes I need to take during an important phone call or at an appointment. 

Last years planner 

This years planner 

Monthly Calendar 

Daily Calendar 

As far as size goes, I personally like to keep them small-ish that they can still fit in my purse or the diaper bag, but I want them large enough that there's plenty of room for me to write in them. I also prefer the spiral bound planners. 

I also purchased a set of new pens, again each child in the family has their own color. So this way I can put their activities and appointments in their own color without taking up space writing their names, I didn't do this last year for my planner so I'm excited for it!  


And I got some stickers. I thought it would help make my planner prettier and more fun! Again not something I've done before.. but I am trying to be less boring! 

So that's pretty much everything.. If you have any questions, please leave them down below! And if you have a planner, I'd love to see how/ what you do differently! Feel free to share your suggestions! 


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