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November 24, 2016

LuLaRoe Review

I'm sure you've all heard of LuLaRoe.. It seems like overnight this company became the most popular brand for leggings (and shirts and dresses) out there! My entire Facebook newsfeed has been filled with posts about them for a year or so. Yet, I had never tried them. And I'm probably the last person to jump on the bandwagon. 

I'll be honest, I didn't love the price. At $25 a pop.. it seemed a little excessive. I can get a pair of leggings at Walmart for $9.99! Or most comparable, Buskins are $17. I also find it a little frustrating that I can't just go online and shop. I have to go through a consultant and they have limited patterns and sizes in their "boutiques" I can't just find one I like and buy them, it's a hunt. That being said, I've checked out some of the live shows and online party groups and it is kind of a rush! 

But really, what is it about these leggings that people are so addicted to?!

Then, I slipped into these "buttery" feeling leggings and I was impressed! I get it now. And the yoga pant top, while it's not something I can't live without.. I do understand the appeal. And now, I'm obsessed too! I bought a second pair! 


Melinda sent me this pair to try out and review.. I absolutely love the pattern and my husband is so excited they match the new Giants jersey he got me to wear on football Sundays!  

I'm 5'5" and 110lbs.. I got the tween size and they fit PERFECTLY! Anddd tween are $23, so a little cheaper than OS or TC! 

Melinda was so sweet and wonderful to work with! And she's offered to give each one of you $5 off any order you place with her between Black Friday 11.25.16 and Christmas 12.25.16! Just mention my blog! 

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