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October 19, 2016

I'll Show You My Religion


I'll Show You My is here again! The monthly collaboration I do with my good friend and fellow blogger Christina and Tracy! This month Dara is joining us as well. 

This month were talking about religion ✝️. Which can be a very controversial subject. But honestly I think it's great to see and hear how other people feel about certain topics, such as faith or politics. When Christina suggested this subject I thought it was a great idea! To show the world that two people with very different beliefs still have the ability to be great friends! 

I was raised Catholic. I was baptized, made my communion and my confirmation. We went to church every Sunday (or Saturday night) and for every holiday, no exceptions.. I hated it! As soon as I made my confirmation and had the choice not to attend mass anymore, I didn't go. I absolutely could not stand the Catholic Church. And to be completely real with you all, I still can't. This is my own opinion based on my own experiences and I don't judge anyone else for theirs. But I found the church to be very hypocritical. 

When I was about 15, I dated a boy who belonged to a Methodist Church. Because he went, I went too! He was very involved with their youth group, so I joined as well. It was a blast! Their church services were so much more upbeat and fun. I really enjoyed it. But when we went our separate ways. So did my connection to the church. And it was a long time before religion played a roll in my life again. I really lost my connection to my faith and to God. 


A few years Nicholas had asked me who God was.. The disappointment I felt in myself, it was horrible! I felt like I failed him. At that very moment I ordered a children's bible and started teaching him. And as I taught him, it all came back to me so quickly. My relationship with God that I had been ignoring for years. I forgot how much better having faith made me feel! That summer I had Nicholas, Jonathan and Aubrey dedicated into Christianity. No specific denomination, not in a church. But just a simple Christian based ceremony to tell God, our friends and family that these children would be raised to believe. 

Jacob and Emma were baptized in a church. It was something that was important to Chris. He wanted his children to have some sort of religion, a start in the Church. We have agreed though that Christoher will be dedicated like Nicholas, Jonathan and Aubrey were. It just works better and fits our current situation and beliefs. 

We read the bible to our children, we send them to various Vacation Bible School's over the summer. We celebrate the true meaning of Christian holidays. We're doing our best raise them to be moral and spiritual. To give them a foundation of faith. I don't think we need to attend services every Sunday. My relationship is with God, not with a church and I pray and study and believe in the way it works for me. And I'm teaching my children the same. I don't care if they become Jewish, Buddist, whatever when they're adults. Because it doesn't matter. As long as they're kind. But they need somewhere to start and for us, that's Christianity. 

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  1. What is the difference between a baptism and a dedication for babies?