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September 13, 2016

I'll Show You My... Back To School Haul!

The kiddos are back to school (for a few weeks now) and I'll Show You My, the monthly Collab I do with my good friend Christina, is back too! 

This month we're showing you what our kids needed for school!

My kids had a ton of clothes, so when we were back to school shopping they didn't need much.. Just a few new outfits and sneakers to start the school year with. 



I was especially excited about Emma's pretty dress! She looked so beatiful in it and so grown up! 


Follow me on Instagram @MrsWatkins214 to see the rest of their First Day Of School pictures! 

Of course they each got a new backpack and lunchbox to start the year! It's a tradition!

Compared to some of our friend's kids, our supply lists are fairly short. The school district provides a lot of what the kids need each year. Emma started 2nd grade, Nicholas 3rd and Jacob is in 5th! Nic's list was the longest, not sure why? 

  1. Pencil box
  2. Pencils
  3. Eraser 
  4. Small scissors 
  5. Small box of crayons 
  6. Two pocket folder 
  7. Individual pack tissues 
  1. 4 single subject notebooks 
  2. 2 two pocket folders 
  3. Pencils
  4. Eraser 
  5. Personal pencil sharpener
  6. White lined paper
  7. Thin 3 ring binder 
  8. Scissor 
  9. Glue stick
  10. Crayons, markers, colored pencils 
  11. Highlighters 
  12. Pencil box 
  1. Pencils 
  2. Pencil top erasers 
  3. Marble notebook 


  1. Omg how did they need so little? Lol bryan had double of your kids together