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August 17, 2016

I'll Show You My Car(s)

It's that time again! I'll Show You My.. The monthly collab post I do with my good friends and fellow bloggers Christina and Tracy. This month we're showing you our cars!



We actually have 4 vehicles. Chris' Nissan 300zx, which I have previously posted about. The Dodge Calibur, his company car. And then we have my cars! 

2001 Honda Accord / 2016 Kia Sedona

Let's start with my "when I don't have a million kids with me car" 2001 Honda Accord. This was actually my Dad's car and when he got his new one, he gifted it to me. I actually learned to drive and got my license in this car. It's old, but it's a Honda.. It will run forever! Plus he kept it in really good condition. And it's better on gas than the van. When the big kids are in school, it's perfect for taking just the littles wherever we need to go. 


My Mommy-Mobile, 2016 Kia Sedona. We bought it last fall right before I got pregnant with Christopher. Good thing I pushed for an 8 passenger! Haha. Otherwise we would have to take 2 cars everywhere we went. It's the higest package they had to offer because my husband is a technology junkie and he wanted it all! I honestly don't even know everything it can do.. But Chris kindly offered to jump in and share with us all of the cool features! 

V6 front wheel drive 
Heated steering wheel 
Heated and cooling front seats 
Heated middle seats
Captain chairs in middle row
Automatic sliding doors and tailgate 
Foldable back row seats 
Gps navigation 
Bluetooth and USB synchronization 
Memory seating 
Reverse camera and alarm 
Backup assistance 
Automatic start and shutoff 
Smart cruise control 
Smart auto headlights 
Surrounding cameras 
In lane assistance 
Traction control 

Sooo it's amazing! Seriously, if you have to make the jump to a minivan (and become a soccer mom) this is the one to get! 

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  1. I have never really wanted a minivan before until I read the features that yours has! That sounds like an amazing vehicle to pilot. I'm jealous! I really want one now but I don't know if I have enough kids to justify getting one. Going to try to talk my husband into it though!