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August 17, 2016

Grocery Haul

Everyone is always asking how we feed 8 people, how much we spend, how often we shop.. So, I thought it would be fun to show you guys what a weekly grocery haul for our house looks like!

I grocery shop once a week. Spending about $250. I shop on sale and use coupons as often as possible. 

I buy in bulk when things are on sale.. Meats, non perishables, paper goods, etc. Produce and dairy products I have to buy every week. I used to plan out dinners for the week and buy whatever I needed for each one, but that ended up being so much more expensive because I was buying things that weren't on sale. So now I just stock up on what I need for our favorite go-to meals. And if I come across a recipe I want to try or Hubby and the kids ask for something different I'll splurge and get what we need for it. 

So here you go! A weeks worth of groceries for our family of 8! 




  1. Soda -dr pepper and ginger ale
  2. Juice boxes
  3. Water bottles - 2 24 packs 
  4. Chips- snack size 
  5. Diapers- size 2 & 5
  6. Wipes 
  7. Nursing pads 
  8. Deodorant - for Chris 
  9. Sponges 
  10. Ziplock bags - snack sized, gallon size 
  11. Bagels
  12. Bread 
  13. Cinnamon bread
  14. Tuna fish 
  15. Granola bars 
  16. Crackers 
  17. Apple sauce
  18. Canned beef gravy 
  19. Canned peas and corn (for a recipe, we eat fresh/frozen produce usually)
  20. Mayo
  21. Vodka sauce 
  22. Croutons 
  23. Bag of potatoes 
  24. Instant potatoes (for a recipe)
  25. Apple juice
  26. Green tea 
  27. Watermelon 
  28. Grape tomatoes
  29. Peppers
  30. Mushrooms 
  31. Romance lettuce 
  32. Clementines 
  33. Bananas 
  34. Lunch meat
  35. American cheese
  36. Cheese sticks
  37. Cheddar cheese 
  38. Garlic bread 
  39. Ravioli (4 bags = 1 meal) 
  40. Almond milk 
  41. Orange juice 
  42. Beef cubes (4lbs = 2 meals)
  43. Pork chops 
  44. Ground beef (2lbs = 1 meal) 
  45. Chicken breast 
  46. Sausage 

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