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July 20, 2016

I'll Show You My Tattoos!

It's that time again.. I'll Show You My is here! The monthly collaboration Christina, Tracy and I post the third Wednesday of every month. 

Feel free to join in! Link back to us and place this badge anywhere on the post! 

This month we're showing off our tattoos! Or lack their of in Christina's case! 

I got my first tattoo for my 18th Birthday. It was a gift from one of my very best friends, Larissa. We met when I was 14 and we are still really good friends to this day! Chris was there too. Each of them held one of my hands because I'm totally a chicken! But back to the tattoo, what does every 18 year old girl get? A butterfly tramp stamp on her lower back.


At the end of 2006, I decided to get tattoo number two! I was almost 19.. I went with Larissa again and I got a pink rose on my right ankle. Pink roses are my favorite flower! 


And last year I got a tattoo for my kids! An infinity symbol with three little hearts. One for Nicholas, one for Jonathan and one for Aubrey. Now, I have to get three more.. One for Christopher, one for Emma and one for Jacob. 


Chris and I are planning on getting something for each other, Im undecided what I want yet.. But he's getting a tree with mine and the kids names in the branches to start the sleeve on his right arm. He's got a bunch of tattoos! And since he loves them so much and is always willing to show them off, this blog just got a whole lot more exciting! Haha. 

When we met, Chris had 4 tattoos. A tribal, a dragon skull, a Chinese symbol and a cross for his friend who had passed away.


In the years since, he added a few. His kids names and the zodiac wheel on his back. 


And he's spent the last two years adding this giant piece going from his chest up over his shoulder and down his arm.


"Jeff Forever Missed" is for his stepfather who passed away in December.

I can't wait to add a few more, and Chris plans on adding more than a few haha. 

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