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June 15, 2016

I'll Show You My... Empties! Products I've Used Up.

That time of the month is here again! I love Love LOVE I'll Show You My! The collab I started with my favorite Momma bloggers Christina and Tracy. On the third Wednesday of every month we show you something we've randomly selected, and we hope that you'll show us yours too! Just link your posts back to us and comment below with your link!

This month we're showing you our empties! Products we've used up. I've seen a ton of youtubers do it.. I thought it was a fun idea so onto the list it went! 

Here are some of my empties from the last few months! 

1. Method All Purpose Cleaner- I've actually been obsessed with ALL the Method Products and I've switched completely to only using them in our home. But the all purpose cleaner is by far my favorite! They're all natural, they all smell so good, not chemically at all. But this one smells good enough to eat! If you haven't tried Method Brand you should! You'll love it too. I promise! 

2. Red Bull Kiwi Twist Summer Edition- Of course I'm a little biased because my Hubby is a District Manager for Red Bull. But this one is so yummy! Up until this one came out last month, Yellow/ Tropical was my favorite. But now, Kiwi Twist! It's amazing. It kind of tastes like a sour apple jolly rancher. Go out and buy one, right now! And before you lecture me on how "energy drinks are bad for you" let me tell you; they have as much caffeine as a soda, as much sugar as an apple and your body produces taurine naturally. So really, just like a cup of coffee it's fine in moderation! 

3. Dulce Cucina Jar Candles - I'm a Scentsy girl. Have been for years! But every so often when I run out of bars and I'm waiting for an order to be delivered I'll cheat and buy a jar candle or two. These were in our Shoprite circular for $3.99 each and I couldn't pass them up! That's a freakin awesome price for such a large jar candle. And let me tell you, they smell amazing! I've gotten the Vanilla and Blueberry scents so far and I love them both! Every person who has come into the house while they were burning commented on how great it smells in here. They burn evenly and last a really long time too! 

4. Lansinoh Breast Pads - Eventually I will switch to washable/ reusable pads.. But for the first few weeks I need disposable and these are my go to! They are my favorite nursing pads by far! I have tried so many different brands and none compare.. They stick well, are super absorbent and they're big so they cover the whole bra cup. 

5. Babyganics Sunscreen - Recently there have been so many articles about sunblock and how horrible most of them are for you. And have you seen some of the pictures of the burns and chemical burns kids are getting?! I try to buy as much all natural as possible so this year I went with Babyganics mineral based SPF 50. I believe I paid about $12 for the bottle. It's a spray/ pump bottle so you spray on and then rub it in. None of the kids had any kind of reaction to it, which is good since we have super sensitive skin here! And no one has gotten sunburn. So it's doing its job well! It smells good, not too chemically which is a plus. With 6 kids we use a lot of sunscreen so it went quickly! We're on our second bottle. So it's safe to say I'm pleased with the product! 

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