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May 18, 2016

Sundae Fun Day!

Every Sunday we do a "Family Fun Day". We spend the entire day together as a family. Occasionally we'll have company but usually it's just the 7 of us.

Sunday mornings start out with everyone sleeping in.. Since we don't have school, work or baseball forcing us out of bed at the ass crack of dawn! Then Chris and I cook a big breakfast. Waffles or pancakes, frenchtoast, hash browns, eggs, REAL bacon, sausage, etc. Everyone looks forward to this all week, it's so yummy! And I really look forward to the time with my Hubby, I absolutely love being in the kitchen with him!

After breakfast we get to work. If you're a homeowner you know, there's always a project to complete.. Painting, rearranging, yard work. Especially recently since I'm in full blown nesting mode and we're getting ready for Squish! The kids really love helping out and getting involved. A few weeks back we laid new mulch in all the flower beds. I've never seen 5 kids so excited about wood chips! Haha.

Sunday dinner is an important meal as well. I give everyone a few options and we pick together what I'm going to cook. I try to make it a crock pot meal so I can get it all prepped in the morning and that way when it's dinner time all I have to do is serve!

After dinner is when the fun starts! It's so important to dedicate time to the kids! That doesn't mean taking them somewhere and spending a ton of money. Just spending time with them, that's about them. Pop popcorn and watch a movie, have a Just Dance competition, play a board game or hide and seek, etc. This week we did make your own Ice Cream Cones/ Sundaes! Which were a huge hit!



We also played a little Just Dance! 


What are your favorite activities do you do with your kiddos?

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