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May 26, 2016

Boys And Their Toys

Back in 2006 Chris bought a 1992 Eagle Talon.. It was his baby and I HATED that thing! He was always working on it, putting money into it, racing it. I didn't get what the heck was so special about a car! Now I get it, everyone needs a hobby.. He spent the last decade upgrading that car. Lots of parts and money went under the hood. 


Last year it caught on fire. We're still not exactly sure what happened? But we had it towed home and stored it in the garage for the winter.. Figuring once the nice weather (and tax returns) came he'd be able to fix it. 

A few weeks ago we had it towed to the only shop he'll allow to touch it.. And after a few days they came back with a list of the damages. It was way worse than what we had expected and the cost to fix it just wasn't something we were willing to do. The amount of money it would be, it just made more sense to buy something else. He was sad of course, but it's the end of an era and like everything else in our lives.. Time to start fresh! 

So he got his new toy.. A Nissan 300ZX. 


I know absolutely nothing about cars. I won't even pretend I do. But I do know that every guy wants one of these, so this is a big freakin deal! 

It's in excellent condition, no rust and the leather interior is intact. Everything under the hood is new. Plus it's got low miles. Looking at it from a logical standpoint, it was a really good deal. Looking at it from my Husbands point of view. He's got one of his dream cars sitting in his garage! 

He was ecstatic when it arrived yesterday and it was so nice to see him so happy! Especially since he was so bummed about the Talon. 

Obviously this isn't a family friendly vehicle, but we've got a couple of those. This is for him. Though I made him promise no racing! The kids and I need him. He says he doesn't plan to make any major changes, right now. But I don't see that lasting long haha. 

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