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April 20, 2016

Our Love Story

After posting the "I'll Show You My... Family" blog I figured you would probably have questions about Christopher and I.. When, where and how we met? How long we've been together? Who's kids are who's? Etc. So I figured I'd share Our Love Story with all of you!

Christopher and I met during the summer of 2005, thanks to good ole MySpace! I was 17 and he was 21 (my mother was NOT thrilled haha). We were immediately inseparable and I moved in with him about a month later (gasp! what the heck was I thinking?!). I was ridiculously in love, I had never felt that way about anyone! We had so much fun together and he was one of the most romantic guys I'd ever met. Always surprising me with flowers, dinners for two, weekends away just us. He was amazing! But alas, all good things come to an end. We were so young and made so many mistakes. About a year later we broke up. It just wasn't our time back then.

I ended up getting back together with my high school boyfriend. Ultimately getting married and having 3 children with him; Nicholas, Jonathan and Aubrey. Christopher got married (to a woman he barely knew- hugeee mistake!) and had his two children, Jacob and Emma. Those relationships obviously didn't work out. My ex-husband is still involved with our children. He's a good person, he just wasn't the right person for me. Chris' ex unfortunately is none of those things. I won't go into too much detail, because it's not really anyones business, but I will say she's not involved and we're all better off this way.

In January 2015, Christopher and I reconnected. We were just friends at first and our kids totally hit it off too! But before we knew it, all those feelings from a decade ago came rushing back! We were inseparable again. We were/ are ridiculously in love. He is still the most romantic man I've ever met. Always surprising me with flowers, cooking dinner for me (and the kids) and while we don't have time for weekends away with 5 kids, he makes sure we do have time just the two of us! He is amazing!

We are older now, more mature. And it is the right time for us! Throughout the years we both always wondered "what if?". But life needed to play out the way it did for us to learn lessons and grow up before we found our way back to each other. Our pasts make us appreciate what we have now so much more. 

So here we are! Married with five children and one on the way. We're able to show those children a happy, healthy marriage where two people really love each other. He is without a doubt my soulmate and my very best friend. Every single day I thank God for this incredible life!

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