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April 20, 2016

I'll Show You My... Family!

My good friend Tracy and I are going to be collaborating together and starting a monthly blog series called "I'll Show You My..."

Each month we will pick a new topic to share with all of you! If your interested in participating, please reach out to either Tracy or myself, we'd love to collab with you! 

Without further ado; I'll Show You My Family! 

The Watkins/ Knapp Family! 

~ Christopher and I ~

~ Jacob ~ 
Our oldest son. Cannot believe we are the parents of a 10 year old!
He loves to read! And is always so helpful with his younger siblings. 

~ Nicholas ~
8 years young, but he's such an old soul! He is so kind and patient.
Plus he's unbelievably easy going and generous. 

~ Emma ~
Is 6, but turning 7 in a few weeks!
This girl always has a smile on her face and loves making everyone around her happy!

 ~ Jonathan ~
Our 4 year old "baby" boy.
He is the house comedian for sure! Always has everyone laughing.
And he is full of energy... I wish I could bottle it for myself! 

~ Aubrey ~ 
Our 2 year old love! She is sweet, funny and super girly.
She is the baby of the house and she knows it! 

~ Baby Watkins ~ 
"Squish" is the last of our brood. And will complete our family. 
Due to arrive in about 6 weeks! 

Can't forget the fur babies! 

 ~ Shorty and Talon ~

~ Annabelle ~ 

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