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April 1, 2016

April Is Autism Awareness Month!

And April 2 we "light it up blue"! 

My youngest son has been diagnosed with SPD and ADHD. Both of which most kids with ASD also have. It's a challenge to raise a child with special needs. But it's also incredibly rewarding. 

They learn differently, at their own pace. And when they finally get it, it's that much more amazing! For example, Jonathan was almost 3 before he said "I love you" and as much as hearing it from your child melts your heart, hearing it from him was so much more special, because it took him that long to be able to say it. 

These kids aren't "weird" they are unique, they are incredible and people need to learn acceptance and understanding! 

Which brings me back.. April Is Autism Awarness Month! Educate yourselves! 

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