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March 26, 2016

What's In Our Kids Easter Baskets?!

This is our last first holiday together... Last year when Chris and I started seeing each other we waited a few months to let the kids, or really anyone else for that matter, know that we were together. We were friends, we hung out frequently and we got the kids together often to see how they all got along. But we didn't want to announce it until we knew it was serious and was going somewhere. So we celebrated Easter separately. 

I was on Pinterest looking at Easter basket ideas when I came across the idea of using a kiddie pool as a giant Easter basket and I thought it was the perfect idea for 5 kids! I also decided to toss in ball pit balls to make it a little more fun, especially for the littles. Since its March in the northeast, finding a blowup pool in stores wasn't happening so I had to order one and I'm still waiting for that to arrive. But I did get all of their gifts that are going into the "basket". As well as their eggs for the egg hunt. So I figured I'd share all that with you..

Each of them got a toy, bubbles, tattoos, a chocolate bunny and an egg full of m&ms or skittles. 

If you know me, you know a holiday doesn't go by that the kids don't get books! I got that from my mother. Jacob got the Hardy Boys, Nicholas The Boxcar Children, Emma got Junie B. Jones and the littles got Easter themed books. We also got them the movie Hop, which is so adorable! If you haven't seen it, do so now! And these buch water balloons are always a huge hit with our kiddos because they fill a ton at a time! 

For the egg hunt we decided that our best bet was to get each of them a different patterned egg to search for.. Jacob got baseball, Nicholas blue camo, Emma animal print, Jonathan green camo and Aubrey got flowers. We filled the eggs with small candy (we got wayyy to much and had a ton of extra lol) and money. 

Happy Easter!! 

Edited: To show the finished product! 

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