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March 4, 2016

Half Door DIY Project

Last year before Chris and the kids moved in we converted the unfinished bonus room above my garage to 2 bedrooms, an office and reading nook. Adding 3 people to the house required more space! Especially since Chris does a lot of work from home. The project took a few months to complete (and honestly is still a work in progress lol) but it was so worth the time, energy and money it took! Because fitting 7 people into 3 bedrooms just wasn't going to happen.

The space was separated from the living room by a door and a half flight of stairs. When the rooms were complete we took the door off to keep it open to the rest of the living space. But ultimately ended up putting a baby gate up at the bottom of the stairs to keep the new puppy down and to keep any little ones in the house from climbing the stairs. It was getting super annoying to climb over and then I saw a great idea on Pinterest (where else?!) to use a half door!

I told Chris my plan and we quickly got to work! It turned out perfectly and we're all very pleased with the outcome.

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