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March 12, 2016

Crock Pot Orange Marmalade Chicken

For the last couple months I've been trying to be more on top of meal planning.. And instead of grocery shopping every week, we do it every two. Buying in bulk saves money, plus since we use shop from home (who the heck wants to drag half a dozen kids to the grocery store?!) we save on the shopping and delivery fees too. So my $250 per week is now about $350-400 every two. But anyway, we sit down and make a list of 14 dinners we want.. All the kids pick one or two, Chris and I pick our favorites, of course there's always a couple quick and easy ones like "breakfast for dinner" and we go on Pinterest and see if there's anything new we'd like to try. I keep seeing the recipe for Crock Pot Orange Marmalade Chicken and it looks super yummy and really easy so we decided to give it a try! 

1 cup orange marmalade 
1 cup brown sugar bbq sauce 
2 tbs soy sauce
Salt, pepper and garlic powder 
1-1.5lbs of boneless skinless chicken breast 

Mix marmalade, bbq sauce and soy sauce together. Add a sprinkle of each- salt, pepper and garlic powder. Chop chicken into bite sized pieces. Pour sauce over chicken. Cook in your crock pot on low for 3-4 hours. Serve over white rice. 

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